[DISCUSSION] Ryusoulger, Episode 20


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Some men have returned from defending our faith only to find themselves questioning it.

Welcome to the discussion thread for Dinoknight Sentai Ryusoulger, episode 20; "The Supreme Artist".
(Show's title and episode title translation may vary depending on your fansub group of choice.)
This week: Kureon's latest Minosaur appears to be a failure, but under Waizuru's wing, it becomes a deadly threat as it causes the Ryusoulgers to disappear one by one! With Towa the last one standing, Gaisorg returns to challenge him.

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This one took a while to get going but was pretty good once it did. The roll call was especially hype. I do wish they'd given Bamba something to say at the end there instead of just "he stops talking and shows us the actor's resting ***** face".


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I liked how they used Towa’s speed as a tool to help save the day, but it almost makes me wish the other Ryusoulgers had a unique skill as well. Melto has intelligence, but that’s not very flashy. I was very impressed when Towa fought that giant clone Wyzul without transforming; been a while since we’ve seen something like that. And I actually liked the use of CGI for the giant robot fight. Not too much, I think. That barrage of strikes that pushed Wyzul into the sky and then combining above him? Not sure how they could have done that without CGI, but they kept the background practical, which means they avoided being an eyesore.

I’m impressed that Wyzul can speed draw like that, but I wonder why he even bothered to draw key holes in the first place. Drew it without thinking, or just so confident in his plan that he didn’t think it would matter? You decide!

Well, I said I’d talk more about Gaisorg in this episode, and I guess I will. So far, this character is the one thing that has been disappointing for me. He gets teased in the SSSB special, he makes an appearance here and there through the show but it amounts to absolutely nothing... Gaisorg should be the most interesting part of the show! Instead, he's been severely underutilized, almost like the makers of the show don’t know what to do with him. Now he finally has a role, and I’m not sure what to think anymore. He acts like Bamba’s master, but he might not be? What happened to the detail about him being wondering armor with no purpose? Why did they end the episode on prolonged soap-opera silence and stares? I suppose the next episode is going to explain it. It almost feels like they are retconning Gaisorg, but then again, I guess it’s not like you can retcon a character that has hardly any established character details...