[DISCUSSION] Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 23

Toku Prime

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"Hmm, what if we ditched that 'versus' concept and just did Lupinranger properly..."
This week: Mabushina's mum awakens from the crown she was somehow stored in, leading to a variation of the classic "parent shows up and causes havoc" stock episode that Sentai hasn't done in a looong time, keeping her in the dark involves convincing her that the battle with the MotW is all a play, yellow finally gets to be the leader (albeit only in the fictional phantom thief Sentai), and when all else fails Mabusheena does a song and dance routine that references her voice actor's previous role as a PreCure.

Oh, and if you hate the character song played over the ED, I'm sorry, because there's 8 more weeks of that. Different songs each week though.

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