[DISCUSSION] Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 07

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It's at this point that I started wondering why there's never been a
cross-promotion between a toku show and Monster energy drink?

This week: Remember how Riku Sanjou (the head writer of W, Kyoryuger, and Drive) was also a secondary writer on Fourze and all of his episodes had the main cast acting way more dickish and annoying than usual? That was really weird wasn't it? So anyway, this week's episode was written by Riku Sanjou...
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I liked the twist in his episode with Lord Garza betraying the Freezer brother. I'm also ok with Juuru being a training slave to the rest of the team. They have been building this up in past episodes, on how Juuru is not fit be a leader. Instead of just having two episodes addressing this, it seems like its going to be an ongoing storyline, at least I hope because as a viewer he definitely hasn't earned the title as a Sentai leader.

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It would be interesting to see Red develop and prove himself. But at this early stage, we've had it drummed into us in almost every episode that he shouldn't be the leader. Which is a little strange, as this first quarter is where they usually make most of their toy sales and those sales are usually sold primarily on the back of the cool new Red guy.

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