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Is it "new Rider" time? I think it's "new Rider" time.

Welcome to the discussion thread for Kamen Rider Zi-O, episode 17; "Happy New Woz 2019".
(Episode title's translation may vary depending on your fansub group of choice.)
This week: Back to the present, Sougo and the others become surprised upon learning that Sougo's decision to remain Zi-O altered the future timeline with the appearance of new Kamen Riders from the future and Woz also able to transform into a Kamen Rider.

[NOTE: I am aware that the discussion threads are a few episodes behind, so if you haven't done so all ready, feel free to share your thoughts on episodes 13-16 here!]

This thread was made with Toku Prime's permission. And remember, this is a SPOILER ZONE! If you are trying to avoid spoilers, this is not the place for you.​


Episode 13-16 is Decade season 2 featuring Zi-O. Badass Tsukasa which probably just Masahiro Inoue forgot to switch off Jinga Mode before playing the easygoing Decade.

Episode 17 is TOEI time. Those eps 16.5 didn't lying about secret scheme from higher up, they are trying suck out any money potential from Zi-O. I already have weird feeling with how much they put attention to this new rider Gimmick which only act as fodder to strengthen their another new rider. Their henshin detail almost like they really are gonna make it to regular cast. Maybe they will, just like Kamen Rider Mage from Wizard.


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Is this the first episode in the series where no Past Rider appeared? Instead we get future Riders. Nice take on the time motif. Shinobi is pretty cool, like the suit deisign (simple aesthetic) and the belt is a repainted Ziku driver with but covered with a big shuriken.

Kamen Rider Woz is such an asshole, writing the future on his magic ebook is kinda OP and annoying. But I like that he's the retainer for Geiz much like how the 1st Woz is to Zi-O. Secondary Rider this year has a crucial role compared to previous series.


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My thoughts!

Episode 13:
Yes! It's Decade's time and we even got Inoue back too (for a moment, I was positive Jinga would keep him from doing it), and we've got Zi-O wielding the Ghost Armor for a change. Always love it when Geiz and Zi-O swap watches. Love it!
Now this, I like! It's basically just the actors talking about their schedules, other references, and other dorky things that we all love. If more .5 specials were a bit more like this, I'd be perfectly happy.

Episode 14:
Ghost/Decade arc, part 2! I always knew Decade and Zi-O would have something special, even if it's a rivalry. Kind of overshadows the fact that Specter's actor came back too... But over all, great episode, great Ghost arch. And also, I am going to refer to that short moment where previous Riders get their memories and/or powers back as Flux Time, because it's a moment of temporal flux.
There. It's confirmed. Decade is magenta. Can we please lay any doubts to rest, naysayers? Please? Also, gotta love how everyone is saying Narutaki's line. He's there in spirit!

Episode 15:
Decade part 3?! Holy moly... Never would have expected to see Geiz putting down his emotional defenses to give Sougo a chance to redeem himself. But nevermind that, because we FINALLY get our answer as to why Sougo wants to be a king! Because... of a reoccurring dream telling him so? I smell time traveling/repressed memories shenanigans. And about that ending... Is that really Oma Zi-O or is it a parallel version? I mean, he did go through Decade's dimensional wall thing, so maybe this is a red herring?
At first, I was enjoying this. All the over-acting and self-aware moments are gold! But then, that bad news... These .5 specials are ending... NOOOOOOO!!!![/vader] Also, how DARE the deny us seeing Tsukuyomi as a Rider!

Episode 16:
YES! Decade part 4! How long has it been since Kamen Rider has had a 4-part special? Anyways, I guess I got my answer. That really was Sougo from the future, and not Decade pulling the wool over our eyes. (This just a small thing, but I find it hilarious how the little kid bystanders don't know the difference between a monster and a robot.) Well, it took a lot of episodes, but I hope Geiz and Sougo will finally get along after all this. They basically have an understanding now. Love the new insert theme, it somehow is more fitting than Decade's "Ride the Wind". Also, I am guessing all of this story was possible because Sougo forgot to destroy his Zi-O watch along with his driver belt. If Sougo had remembered, would that have changed the story, or would Woz have a replacement Zi-O watch ready as well?

Episode 17:
Well, Decade was not technically defeated or made into an ally. He is gone this episode, but he will be missed... Maybe he'll come back soon? I almost thought it was just coincidence, but now I am certain of it. I absolutely love the subtle references to "Back to the Future" and "Terminator". I highly doubt 2022 will be like this, but I'd be cool with an actual ninja-themed Rider show sometime that year. And now we have the premiere of Kamen Rider Woz... And it's actually a 2nd Woz from an alternate timeline? AND it's Geiz's retainer this time?! I did not see this coming, but I love it, and I can't wait to see how this tests Sougo and Geiz's relationship. Man, I was all ready loving this show from the beginning, but now we are truly getting to see this show shine by doing its own thing.

16.5 has not been subbed by Over-Time yet. I haven't seen it, so I have no thoughts on it yet. I'll be sad if that really is the end of the .5 specials, but it was a fun ride while it lasted.


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Since I've finally caught up with everyone.

The first few episodes of Zi-O didn't really thrill me, but the return of old characters is interesting enough to hold me, just as it was in Decade. That being said, I'm glad we're generally in the area where most Rider seasons start to get interesting & Zi-O isn't disappointing me on that front, yet.

Things I'm liking the most:
--Decade is likely going to be an active participant in the plot.
--Doing a time travel show in a slightly different way than usual.
--Schwartz is Japanese Jimmy Fallon.

Things I don't like:
--Geiz isn't doing anything whatsoever.
--It took me a couple of episodes to actually realize when they were time traveling, because it just kept cutting to whatever it wanted to.
--Not even the actors seem to understand how the heck were suppose to pronounce any of the names in this.


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EDIT: And the theme song is a bit annoying. What the hell is a Quartzer?
According to the Kamen Rider wiki...

The song's title relates to the watch motif of the season's Rider, as quartz clocks are one of the most accurate and common types of clocks and watches.
Also, I always assumed it was making a round-about pun related to time. First quarter, second, quarter, etc.

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I've been enjoying Zi-O Thus far, and quite honestly the song has won me over.

That said..this episode things start to get even more complicated. Just who the heck is Woz?


Yeah, based on what happened at Demon King's Day, his loyalty will drastically changed. Just what position which can make him rabid fan of Oma and Geiz. If Demon King's Day happened in 2019, then what they did who will affect Woz's loyalty in the future. There is should be another faction here, which will become where Woz come from.

I just have one theory about it. Time Jacker was a clan who keep tab on timeline security just like Den-O but more like anti-hero type which have pride to protect the future even though they have to alter timeline. Oma Zi-O gain power to control time which make him enemy of the clan.

If Oma Zi-O win, he will rule the clan by force and make every offspring his rabid follower.
If Geiz win, he will praised as saviour of clan which legend keep passing down to every generation.
Time Jacker was old school group who still resisted against Oma Zi-O or Geiz because they think only the clan have right to alternate timeline.

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Well I must admit that by the end of the first quarter I was wondering why I was still bothering to watch the show, as the "tributes" merely reminded me of better series I could be re-watching instead of persisting with what was quite a boring show. But the arrival of Decade also brought in more plot and the show has perked up quite nicely.

I hope Decade comes back. Yeah, the plot of his show just collapsed after the original head writer left, but it was the first Rider series I saw and I have a soft spot for him. I think he was a good addition to this show, even if his personality has been modified.

It looks like we have a Den-O-like battle of two possible futures now, though no doubt by the end of the series they will create a third one where Sougo doesn't destroy the world but Geiz doesn't kill him either.
EDIT: And the theme song is a bit annoying. What the hell is a Quartzer?
It's just some random Engrish really. Yeah, "quartzer" probably refers to the quartz mechanism commonly found in watches, but there's no real meaning to it within the song. It just seems to be a thing that the Japanese like to throw English into things like pop music to seem cool. Though it is weird to think how many Rider belts speak/scream lines of English considering that the kids watching and buying them will have no idea what the phrases mean.


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Thanks to Over-Time, I finally was able to see 16.5. And all I have to say is...

Really?! That was it? I waited all this time for that? Was the whole point of the Complementation Project to advertise Heisei Generations Forever? Not even a mafia/yakuza joke can make this any better... I was hoping it would end on a stronger note, like the episodes that came before it. Guess not.