[DISCUSSION] Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 10

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One of these actors has previously appeared in about half a dozen toku going back to the mid-nineties.
The other was the Japanese voice of Mufasa in the recent Lion King remake.
This week: Kamen Rider goes to the movies, live manipulation of video footage sure seems like something that could be easily misused, Rushing Cheetah finally returns, amazing how transforming fixes Fuwa's injured leg, Lil Assassin can't tell that an actor is not a real killer but can out-act the acting bot, and Yua admits she'll likely turn on Fuwa.


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Over all, this was a great episode!

Fuwa might be the one tokusatsu hero in a long time that remembers to actually use his gun more often. Seriously, how many times have we seen heroes with a standard blaster that use it once or twice before switching to their mele weapons, and then never switch back when the enemy is trying to escape? We’re starting to get more info on Yua, the mystery man she works for, and their connection in all this. But once again, AIMS proves they kind of suck at their job. They kept most of the villains out, but accidentally let the assassin HumaGear slip into the studio. Do they really not screen people to make sure only authorized personnel are on set? You’d think they’d have the assassin’s face on file or something... I mean, the last failure was a tragedy, but now we're getting into inexcusable mess ups.

Also, not sure how I missed this, but Hiden is apparently an intelligence company. No wonder they have enemies; why is an intelligence agency making HumaGears? o_O
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Personally I'm wonder how much ZAIA has it's fingers in AIMS, it could be all a plot to discredit Hiden as much as possible.

But I do like how many sides we have in this battle now, Artou and Hiden, Fuwa and AIMS, Yua, her real boss and ZAIA, and the guys, not even going to that and spell that name. A whole lot of potential for conflict, and dare I say it side jumping before it's all over.

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