Dino Crisis Needs a revival

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Dino Crisis is a Survival horror series ahead of its time and needed a desperate revival. There is a lot of Online movement who wanted this game resurrected. The demand started the moment the Resident Evil trilogy got their respective remakes. The first two games of the series are Masterpieces. However, it was Dead on Arrival in the third game due to a poor choice. Capcom took a chance by making a century-time Skip. They killed off the series poster girl, Regina, and making matters worse, the opponents of Dino Crisis 3 are human dinosaur hybrids, and the game’s setting is in outer space. Capcom took away the horror and turned it into a dull sci-fi action shooter. They replaced Regina and Dylan with a pair of charismatic vacuums whose names I can’t quite remember—making it an Xbox exclusive damaged it even more.

Despite the Franchise dying off with the 3rd game, People still play the first two games of the series. They are PS1 classics that are still fun to play. We had an...

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Jurassic World movies are still dominating, so there is indeed a demand.


I always don't like when they do time skips and replace characters with new generations. That's why Dino Crisis 3 flopped.


The franchise needs more of a reboot than a remake because it didn't age well. A Game set in 2011 with over-the-top fashion and technology. No one wears tight leather suits in 2011 and no time travel.


They kind of need to reboot this series. Yes I said reboot and not remake, make it more grounded and focus around Regina.
Capcom Blamed Dino Crisis 3 and killed off the franchise when it is their fault. Killing off the main heroes by doing centuries time skip and putting the setting in outer space. To make it worst it is an Xbox exclusive. It is dead on arrival.

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