[GAME] Digital Riders: Enter the World! (RPG)


Walking down the streets, it did not matter where people turned their gaze, they would see something relating back to the same thing. It had been almost a month since the virus spread through the Digital Rider network, taking down three of the four servers. All around the world, every news network, newspaper, magazine, blog, or even casual conversations still talked about the matter, and despite how many resources were being pull in order to deal with the situation, there was not sign of things getting better, as nothing the programmers could do seemed to be able to budge the mysterious virus.

"I have the worse luck in the entire world!" A voice proclaimed loudly, causing Enishi to sigh and sweatdrop as he continue to walk through the streets. "I just can't freaking believe it!"

Sighing again, Enishi took his Rider Terminal from its strap on the side of his belt and brought it up in front of him. "Don't you think you're being a little over-dramatic, Birth?" He asked as he offered his Digital Rider a kind smile.

From inside the RT, Birth folded his arms and looked away indignantly. "Of course not!" He exclaimed. "It took me a whole year to convince you to go to the East Server, and just as we get invited to an official League Tournament, this virus decides to screw it all up!"

The brunette boy simply shook his head. "What are you talking about? We've been on League's tournaments before." He pointed out. "We even won some of them."

A short, sarcastic laugh sounded from the green and silver RT. "Those don't count, this was our chance for the big leagues!" Birth complained. The Avatar the started rant about how the whole world was conspiring against them.

A third sigh escaped Enishi. "I'm sure they start making tournaments in the South Server soon enough..." He said even though he was sure his Digital Rider could not even heard him over his rant. Even though Birth was really overreacting, the Avatar was right on something, there was more than meets the eye about the whole situation with the virus, and Enishi could not shake the feeling that things were about to get worse.

Cobalt Zeno

"Hmph, I thought these viruses would give me something to do. It turns out they're actually a pain."

He stood leaning against a lamp post, his eyes closed, blocking everything out. It had been nearly a month since the viruses broke out on the servers and Taiki didn't think much of it, to him it was just something else to deal with along the way, problem was he didn't know how to handle it. He didn't have anything to do with running the servers or making sure they were safe, but these things were ruining any recreational time he had on the servers, so he felt the impulse to try and do something about it. He drew the crimson and onyx RT from the holster on the back of his belt and looked at it.

"Kabuto, have you found anything out?"

The avatar spoke from the device in direct response to Taiki's questioning, "Unfortunately, no. I've gotten as close to the problem as I could to inspect it, but I was unable to analyze anything useful."

Taiki sucked his teeth, but his expression stood emotionless. "How inconvenient, I was hoping we grab a lead so we can keep moving, things have gotten pretty dull lately." The avatar nodded in response. Taiki lowered the RT and looked out onto the street, bored and seemingly without options, but he wasn't going to let anything like that get in his way. "Oh well, I'll have to think of something else later."


Ginji crept cautiously down one of the isles of a grocery store. He had a phone pressed to his ear. While the conversation he was carrying on was real the phone itself was a farce. It actually wasn't even turned on. It's purpose was to keep others from trying to talk to him. Behind the phone was a blue-tooth headset, which was connected to his rider terminal, carried in a customized holster at his side.

The conversation came to an abrupt pause when Ginji caught something out of his peripherals.

"Ginji? Hey Ginji whats wrong?" Ginji sighed. He pinched the phone between his head and right shoulder then reached out for two boxed on the shelf in front of him. One being a name brand microwaveable meal and the other a generic variation.

"Was food always this expensive Drake?"
"How should I know. I don't eat."

Ginji's finances plummeted soon after the virus hit. While a portion of the west server, his primary stomping grounds, remained online few dared to venture there fearing the virus and the bugs that plagued it prior would fragment or corrupt their respective rider. The south server was all that was left and as such was under much heavier scrutiny than ever before. Making it nearly impossible to set up the high stakes battles that Ginji relied on to make a living.

"You know theirs an easy solution to your money problem"
"Come on. A real job wouldn't be that bad."

Ginji placed the name brand box back on the shelf taking the generic one with him towards the cashier. His now free hand took the phone again.

"The job's not the problem. It's the people I can't deal with."
"People aren't so bad Ginji."
"Your a kamen Rider Drake. People love you. What they don't love are anti-social weirdos with white hair."

As the words passed through his lips he glanced up at the brim of the baseball cap he was wearing at the moment. He wedged the phone between the box and his thumb and reached up with his now free and to pull the cap down a bit more. He quickly repositioned the phone against his ear. As he neared the counter he found himself standing behind a man conversing with an extremely cheerful woman behind the checkout counter.

"Tch". Air passing though gritted teeth. A vocal tic that Drake was familiar with.

"Hey lemme see!" Ginji winced slightly as Drake's voice rang out of the ear piece.



"Pain shot through Ginji's ear as he tapped the off button of the headset, returning volume to the terminal. He pocketed the phone and Removed the terminal from it's holster at his side. He pointed it towards the checkout counter and the girl working behind it. During which the man in front of him concluded his transaction

"There now will you pipe down and -" Ginji said with bated breath.
"She looks nice. You should talk to her"
He turned the terminal towards him self to speak to his partner directly
"Sure drake. And after that I'll try Rider shooting out of my a-"

He was cut off by the voice of the girl behind the counter.

"Um sir? Can I help you?"

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