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We went from a "card-game system" for Digimon to now a bunch of ID computer chips for Digimons?

Yeah, definitely see the "Guilmon-Agumon" like fusion from this new Digimon here.


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This is great news!
Now I just need to rewatch Frontier and finish up Savers.

Maaan, do I want to sub this?
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Oh hell, I just realized.

TOEI is behind Digimon right? That's why we got Digital Sentai Frontieranger in Season 4 and ShineGreymon getting a powerup sword (that was completely useless outside it's first appearance) in season 5?

So, now they're going into possible gattai territory....

I just finished marathon Frontier & Saver series last weeks! :D

I guess they're gattai Digimon. It seems all 4 digimon cross fusion with Shoutmon to form Shoutmon X(Cross)4.


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Yeeea, but c'mon. Most likely they'll be speed subbing groups :/
Nah, don't do it. Finish other stuff first, if you are on other stuff. Plus does h.o.n even do animes?

Anyways, I haven't watched digimom since the foxkids days, and I didn't like season 4...so why did I suddenly come in this tread? And why am I really excited about this now?:sly:

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Yeeees! Was expecting Digimon would take this route after Savers and only produce a new show every few years, this really looks incredibly unique compared to past series and...hey! Goggles are back! Interesting to see there's only going to be one Tamer to start off with.
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Yeeea, but c'mon. Most likely they'll be speed subbing groups :/
Yeah but that's all people will care about :disappoin And it's not like you're "insert name of big group here" that people can go "Oh, I like this group, I know they produce quality. So even if it takes them longer, I'll wait a little bit". HON is an amazing group, just not known in the anime world :disappoin Hell, is it even known in the Tokusatsu world? :laugh: (joke, love you man)
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