Did you play super Mario in your old school Nintendo?

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How of you are old enough to have played Super Mario in the old school Nintendo game boy? I was so addicted to that game that I was almost going nuts, lol. Who else played that game in his old school game boy?


Who didn't play it. It was one of the very firt game I played. I still remember me a and my brother fighting over it lol.


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It's so good, I use to be addicted to it. In Australia during high school, we had these advanced calculators called classpads where you could install games and play it. When i finished my exams i use to play mario to pass the time instead of sitting there bored. GREAT TIMES!


Yep, I played the very first Super Mario on the NES. It was such an addictive game. My only gripe is that I never, ever defeated Koopa in the last stage. I also played Super Mario World which was a lot of fun! It was far better than the first Super Mario.
It sounds like the original poster was referring to the Game Boy's Super Mario Land, and not the NES' Super Mario Bros. But in either case, I was of that certain age were I played both games on their original consoles back in the day! Ah, fond nostalgic memories! :)

I must say though, that I preferred the sequels to those two games more so than their originals. The Super Mario Land sequels in particular were re-vitalized by shifting the villain from the forgettable, one-time Tatanga alien to the highly amusing, greed-driven "Bizzaro Mario" named Wario!

I must also confess that I too never finished the NES' Super Mario Bros during my adolescence. Thankfully, none of my young peers knew of my dark, disgraceful shame! ;)

Much later, in my adulthood, Super Mario Bros was one of several NES games that I nostalgically revisited--determined to finally finish them and achieve a delayed sense of accomplishment! I owed it to my young self!

I had no trouble finishing any of the other Mario games back when they were relatively new, including the Game Boy's Super Mario Land.