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Marvel’s WandaVision is (at least so far) a recreation of kitschy midcentury sitcoms starring Scarlet Witch and Vision from The Avengers movies. We’re told it’ll eventually go off in a wilder direction, but the first few episodes are pretty much a spot-on imitation of I Love Lucy mixed with Bewitched. To nail that feel, though, the producers needed someone who had worked on the inside. So they called on Dick Van Dyke — older than dirt, yet spry enough to run down to the studio, trip over an ottoman, walk in and contribute.
Matt Shakman, series director, spoke with about his experience working with Van Dyke. The first step was to inform him what WandaVision was. The second step was to inform him what the Marvel Cinematic Universe was. “He did say at one point during our lunch, “Oh, I hear you guys have had some great success. That’s wonderful. Congratulations. What did you just put out?” Van...
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