Developer-Friendly Publisher Null Games Announces First Title

Peter Paltridge

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<p>One of the most annoying things about human society is the disconnect between those who make games and those who supply the money for those games to be made. The developer has one goal in life: to make a good game, something they can be proud of. The publisher also has one singular goal: to make money, and in the pursuit of that goal, doesn’t care whether the games are good. Unfortunately the developer very rarely has the cash to produce their dream game themselves and must rely on someone who does — the publisher. But when the publisher gets in the way, the games aren’t very good and the production process isn’t very fun. Like we said: annoying.</p>


There is no trailer So I don't know what is in store for me with this one. It is hard to make a team sports game that is not based on a real life league.


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Indie games though are not as hard to market as they use to be. The moment they have a popular videogame streamer play their games on stream, they get free promotions.

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