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Orc Chop Games has been working on their upcoming roguelite Goblin Stone for some time, and today is the first day you can experience it in playable form…a demo has been publlished on Steam, with the Early Access version of the game soon to follow.
There are many brave adventurers in the land this game takes place in…and for goblins, that’s a problem. Their population has been reduced 90% thanks to warriors with swords showing up all over the place. It’s become clear the only hope of survival is to fight back! Help the goblins build their strength and skills to take on the invading human menace.
Goblin Stone takes place in a side-view perspective, with randomized areas. It’s easy to get lost, which is why you’ll need to rely on the parchment map that marks the locations of treasure, enemies and resources. The goblins have several classes you can assign them to which offer various specific skills. The demo has three...
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