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Deliver Us Mars is the sequel of the hit game Deliver Us the Moon. Unlike the first game with a silent protagonist, this time we had Cathy, A woman with hopes, dreams, and struggles. We get a glimpse of her life, and she talks a lot, so it is easier to resonate with her.
This game takes place ten years after the events of the last game. Playing the first game is something I strongly recommend doing since I think it’s an experience that’s worth having. Even though there are no actual foes to fight, the level of excitement in this adventure game is through the roof. It is unnecessary, though, since this new game seems to be a stand-alone story. I still highly recommend the first game.
If the Wall climbing, Puzzle solving, and mystery unfolding part of the modern Tomb Raider Games but doesn’t like the violence, this could be the game for...

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I loved the 2013 Tomb Raider Game but yeah I enjoy the archaeology and detective parts but not the killing spree part.

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The animations could use some work to become more smooth, but other than that, this seems really interesting. Although it has the graphics to be a full-fledged AAA product, the animations clearly have bugs. Since this is essentially a beta, I'm confident that it will improve before release, and I sincerely hope that it does since, with careful attention to the animation and plot, this game has the potential to be absolutely magnificent in every way.


On Mars, this is Lara Croft. In Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara's preferred method of ascending was by using climbing axes. Definitely not a sci-fi look. Why weren't there any holograms displayed? Deliver Us the Moon's holograms have a cool aesthetic.


People often overlook how glitchy the original game was. In all honesty, the update came as a complete surprise. The majority of players of Delivery us to the moon did it more for the narrative than for the gameplay.
In order to make the plot great, they used the climbing features from Tomb Raider and made the movements more rigid. They then added a few puzzles with a Mars-themed backdrop.


I recently played Deliver Us the Moon, which was among the most gorgeous video games I've ever played, so I'm quite excited for this one. Especially now that there is a fully realize plot and the protagonist have a personal life aside from the mission.


Why most games or movies related to Mars or space start will problems during landing? Why not something later happend?


I like the idea of this game not having enemies. It is more realistic that way. Mars is already dangerous on its own.

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Oh brilliant. Will it be available for the PC as well as consoles? And also answer FCBetting's question. All problems start with the landing on Mars because landing is the most difficult part of the whole operation ;)