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Why should you buy Turning Red even though you can see it on Disney+? Because the version you can actually own, instead of rent, comes with all sorts of bonus features and extra content you can’t see any other way. The exception are these deleted scenes, which you can see even if you have no Disney+ subscription (something had to be dangled out there to entice people).

In an earlier version of the story, Mei was running for student body president — a situation that would have pushed her into public view and made the involuntary panda transformation that much more stressful. Did the movie need it? Not really. So it was cut.

This next scene revolves around another dropped plot — Mei’s family’s temple being in danger of foreclosure by the bank. Everything Everywhere All At Once would wind up using this as a source of tension and it was released not too far from Turning Red’s release date. Had both films done this, there would have been a lot of “why does every...

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I understand why they got deleted because they will contradict with the narrative. It is also shocking that Mei originally have a different name and has a Male Cousin as an enemy instead of Tyler.


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I didn't know there was a connection between Turning Red and the Michelle Yeoh movie. Is that why they left out the part with the temple threatened with foreclosure? I would want to see how that turned out too. The movie is a good one and these additional scenes make it even more interesting.