Deejay,Manon,Marisa and JP revealed on the recent Street Fighter trailer

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<p>Deejay, who first appeared in Super Street Fighter II, returns to the Next Generation in Street Fighter 6. He was one of the characters whose identities were revealed a few months ago. However, this is the first time we’ve seen his updated character model in action. Deejay’s previous incarnation has been completely transformed into a new and improved version of himself. This Jamaican musician and kick boxer is a great addition to the hip hop vibe that Street Fighter 6 is going for.</p>


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Given that we already have characters on the roster who defy stereotypes, I really hope JP is not the final boss. For Street Fighter 6, I'd like to create a character who defies expectations in some way. I expected Manon to look like a female version of Abel because they are both French Judoka, but she is unique. I never imagined Ballet combined with Judo could look so badass.


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Deejay doesn't look like a racist caricature anymore. Thank god!

Street Fighter 6 have a lot of fun looking characters. I think I might main Jamie and Manon.

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My favorite characters never made it to the roster. I hope they are future dlc.
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Dee Jay is unquestionably one of my favorite characters of all time. I'm really liking the new look. JP, the newcomer, is an excellent addition. Is he a wise old man with good intentions, or a shady villain? He is an intriguing new character, and the mountainous area in which he lives provides a beautiful backdrop for his show.
I wasn't a fan of the visuals in the teaser trailers for SF6, but the newly introduced characters appear to be a good fit with the game's redesigned aesthetic, so I'm willing to give it another chance. The characters looks more complex with their fighting styles and gimmicks.
I have made the decision to Main Manon. My Girl Karin is not in the Game and she have the aesthetic of a haute snobbish and graceful fighter that I always like. Her character concept look generic but she looks dripping in motion.

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Marisa's creation was clearly inspired by the Snu Snu memes and the internet's ever-increasing lust for Lady Dimitrescu. All of Us expected her to be a grappler like Zangief or R.Mika but she seems to be more of a Punching and Kicking type of character. Her Punches looks like they hurt. LOL at her bear hugging a Lion on her intro. I also thought she will be a villain but it seems like she is a honorable fighter. Manon also looks like her designated rival.


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The way Dee Jay now looks is fabulous. He now exudes the same brightness of health and vitality as the sun. He looks better with this new look. Street Fighter 6 will feature my primary DeeJay character, even though I didn't play much of Street Fighter V. It seems like I'll be playing Street Fighter once more. I feel bad for the fans of Mortal Kombat. they didn't get a single trailer in The Game Awards. Tekken and Street Fighter characters are celebrating with new content.


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The Marisa/Manon Rivalry makes sense, One is a model and the other is a fashion designer. One is a graceful grappler while the other is a Hulking brawler. I like how these characters are more than fighters. They have other hopes and dreams, Unlike generic character like Ryu who just want to fight and do nothing else.



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Street Fighter and Tekken fans are well fed right now with all these new content they are getting. Meanwhile me, A Mortal Kombat fan is curled on the floor crying in a corner because we didn't get anything at the Game Awards, Not even a new Injustice game. The lack of Mortal Kombat announcements makes me sad. Congrats Street Fighter and Tekken fans. Enjoy your victories while it lasts.


I'm not sure what to make of the new characters; they appear to be quite different from the usual cast of the series. Personally I didn't like them too much. I prefer Legacy characters because I have a long history with them.

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Marisa looks hella brutal, a nice stand-in for Sagat/Alex since they're not in the game, and don't forget JP, he means business and I'm curious to see how he got his Soul power. I'm MAD Hyped, June can't come soon enough, all I need now is Cammy and I'm good to go. This has been my most anticipated game of 2023 for quite some time.

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