DecaDriver Cards

It seems quite a few of us have the DecaDriver, and lots of Rider toys being released right now have DecaDriver cards included with them, so this is the thread to display the cards you've managed to obtain (besides the 10 that came with the belt)

I'll go first


I've got a couple more final form ride figures on the way, and those are the coolest cards so far in my opinion.
Yeah there's quite a few more than the 10 it comes with and the 10 pictured in my first post. I'll be making periodic updates to this thread as I collect more cards.

So am I the only one rabidly hunting these things down?

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I'm just hoping Bandai will release some boxset of cards at the end of the year so I don't have to go crazy hunting them all down like I did with Blade.


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I've been living under the rock for a while regarding Decade stuff... :sweat:

Been trying to avoid tempting myself to order the belt online since I'll be heading to Japan in a few more months anyway.

So these cards are basically like the soul chips from last year's Go-onger toys... right? Gotta catch 'em all! :redface2:

I read there are cards being sold in machines in Japan as well... is this true?
It sure is true, in the Ganbaride machines.

...Speaking of which, I'll paypal you ten bucks if ya pick me up a few while you're there.:anime:


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Haha, maybe when I get back... we'll see.

I plan to get a huge buttload of cards out of those machines when I'm there. Hell yeah! :buttrock:


I've seen final attack ride kuuga and Ryuki going for cheap on yahoo japan. Wish I could play those machines. I really only want the final attack and final form ones. Since the rest don't make accurate tv sounds.
Yeah it is somewhat disappointing that some of the cards don't make more sounds. Like the card I have of Kamen Rider Knight just makes the generic sound push the sides of the belt in. The two final attack/form ride cards I have are awesome though, definitely trying to get more of those.
As far as I know, it comes with 4 (Final Attack Ride, Kamen Ride Diend, Kamen Ride Ouja, Kamen Ride Kaixa) But I'm hoping it's going to have extra cards like the DecaDriver -- who knows, in the preview for episode 11 we see him use Kiva Arrow, so he might be able to use some of Decade's cards.
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I have a lot of those cards when I bought my HG Kamen Rider Decade set I think I got about 4 card for each figure I got. They are cool I would like to get them all.


My friend printed these out for me, I guess they're really Decadriver useful only but I wonder if the print outs work for the arcade machine.