Death From Above - Russian War Game


<p>The war between Russia and Ukraine has taken a new twist and soon surfers will be able to participate. Lesser Evil has produced another political game, this time against Russia. Death from Above follows the pro-democratic stance of Hendrick Lesser, founder of Lesser Evil Games.</p>


Do we know what maps will be cover? I guess Mariupolj and Bahmut will be for sure. Maybe latest incident between Russian fighter and US Raptor drone will be included.


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What an exciting method to take part in the battle between Russia and Ukraine this game seems to be.I'm eagerly looking forward to playing Death from Above since I enjoy games with aerial warfare.It's wonderful to see how a game publisher like Lesser Evil Games is helping Ukraine and its creators.Modern drones in a game of war simulation is an awesome idea. It gives the genre a distinctive twist.

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The game's simplicity of usage opens it out to a larger audience. The fact that Lesser Evil Studios is using its platform to promote a pro-democracy stance is amazing. I like that a portion of the Kickstarter campaign is used to raise money for Ukrainian designers. As a gamer who cares about political issues, I love the idea of playing a game with a meaningful message. The teaser trailer definitely has me captivated - I want to see more of this game! I can't wait to see the finished product when it launches on Steam in April. I'm eager to learn more about how I can assist Ukrainian creators and participate in Death from Above.


Lesser Evil Games is undoubtedly making a bold statement with the creation of Death from Above. I appreciate that the game focuses on drone warfare rather than glorifying conventional combat. It is encouraging to see Hendrik Lesser using his influence to make a difference in the gaming industry. I'm curious to see how the game will handle the delicate subject matter of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.


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It's wonderful to see a collaboration between Finnish and Berlin-based game production teams. Lesser Evil Studios' engagement with Ukrainian designers demonstrates the company's dedication to diversity in the field.I'm excited to play Death from Above since I enjoy arcade-style games, and the Kickstarter campaign sounds like a terrific opportunity to support both the game's development and a worthwhile cause.


Will they take money from Russian investors in this game? No matter to war, investors always look opportunity to earn money and this will be good chance just because of actual situation. Are Russians even allow invest money in Kickstarter campaigns?

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