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There was once a time when The Walt Disney Company (or Walt Disney Productions, as it was called then) was known for JUST family-friendly content. That ship has sailed, and it’s not a recent development either — it started about forty years ago with the introduction of Touchstone as a brand dedicated to adult-targeted films PG and above. The reality is, focusing on JUST families makes you niche, and Disney today is anything but niche.
The real point of no return, though, was the acquisition of the 20th Century Fox library. They were holding the X-Men hostage from Disney (and so Disney responded by eating them). Toward the end, Fox was marketing X-Men as different from the Marvel Cinematic Universe by taking it places Disney would not go at the time — meaning R-rated movies like Deadpool and Logan. Then those movies actually BECAME Disney properties, which begged the question: what now?
The whole appeal of Deadpool is the merc’s mouth — constantly snarky, unapologetically profane...

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I wonder if the X-men members in Deadpool will join the MCU. I am talking about Colossus and Megasonic teenage warhead.


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I've only watched Deadpool 1. I think parents should be mindful of what their children watch.
I wonder if Die Hard will also come to Disney.