DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Sure to Bring Screams in Theatres!

<p>Behavior Interactive’s surprise success with their asymmetric horror title DEAD BY DAYLIGHT is the latest hit game to make the jump from the small to the silver screen! Teaming up Blumhouse and Atomic Monster production companies, both familiar with the Horror genre, is sure to be a great formula to bring the love letter to the genre that is DBD to greater heights.</p> (read full article...)


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Dead by Daylight have a lore but it has no story mode so its easier to adapt it into a movie unlike the likes of Resident Evil which always fail in adaptations.

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Yo, the news about a Dead by Daylight movie is so exciting for us fans! I can't wait to see how they bring the game's characters and backstory to life on the big screen. Hopefully, the movie stays true to the original survivors and killers, but I'm also curious to see what new stuff Blumhouse will add to the mix. I'm super hyped for this partnership and can't wait for the movie to come out. Oh, and I really hope they cast actors who actually look like Dwight, Claudette, Meg, and Jake, without any racebending nonsense.


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OMG, as someone who's been playing Dead by Daylight for like, years now, I'm kinda hyped but also a little scared about the upcoming movie. I mean, I can't wait to see all the game's characters and world come to life on the big screen, but I'm also worried they might mess it up, ya know? Like, there's so much backstory and lore that it might be hard to cram it all into one movie, and I really hope they don't skimp on the details just to give us more gory scenes. Still, I'm pretty stoked to see what this collab between Behavior and Blumhouse brings us. Fingers crossed it's all good!

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I have my dream casting for the original Survivors

Asher Grodman for Dwight
Keke Palmer for Claudette
Bella Thorne for Meg because Redhair
Steven Yeun for Jake


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Omg, I hope they include my favorite survivor in the movie! I've been playing as Kate Denson for ages now, and I would love to see her character come to life in the film. And can you imagine how awesome it would be to see the killers in live action? I'm crossing my fingers that they do this game justice.

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