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Seth Larson

<p>Three of the playable characters in Dead by Daylight receive new skins thanks to Resident Evil x LNY Collection. The partnership between Behaviour Interactive and Capcom develops stronger. Usually Dead By Daylight have 1 killer and 1 to survivors available from any franchise they license. Dead By Daylight had been allowed by Capcom to contain two Resident Evil chapters with 2 killers and 4 survivors. As restitution, some Killers and Survivors developed legendary skins.</p>


Ada's Chinese dress is very timely for Chinese New Year. I don't play Blight because I find him as a boring killer design but I will definitely play as William Birkin! He is one of the most badass monsters in Resident Evil.

Julia Voth Fan

Residence of Evil
I give the trailer's unveiling of Birkin's skin a perfect score of 10! Brilliant use of introspection! Holy crap, that's a great trailer. Does Custom Voice do Blight as well? I mean, good lord. My expectations were met when William Birkins revealed himself to be a Blight Skin. It's effective because their combat styles are so comparable. William looks fantastic, sounds great, and matches the persona of Blight perfectly as a deformed scientist. I'm hoping this inspires other skins to take action.


This skin on William Birkin is scorching. I never anticipated seeing him in dbd, but he looks wonderful. I'm tempted to try out Blight even though I've never done so just so I can use this skin. Thank God Feng Min didnt get a new skin in this collection. I am so tired of her getting costumes while so many characters are not getting any.
Those outfits look amazing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Rebecca will one day be able to have Sherry Birkin as a Legendary skin from Resident Evil 6. so that they could stay close and she could tell special lines with her dad. William Birkin an awesome legendary skin . However, I am most thrilled that they also made Ada Wong's clothes from RE4. Jill looks stunning in her costume from Revelations.

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