Dead By Daylight Movie in the Works!

Ian Burton

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<p>Dead By Daylight movie is becoming a reality! Behavior and Blumhouse just announced that the popular “asymmetric multiplayer survival horror online game” will become a movie. DBD had licensed characters from different companies and this time it is the other way around. I hope this collaboration will also lead to Blumhouse characters crossing over the Fog. Back in 2016 the game have humble beginnings. There are only 4 playable survivors which are Dwight, Meg,Jake and Claudette. Then the only killers back then are Wraith,Hillbilly and the face of the franchise which is Trapper. The community keep on growing as years gone by but the game became mainstream when they started licensing characters from other movies, games and tv shows.</p>


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I hope the characters will be faithfully portrayed and there won't be any racial bending. As a fan, it's crucial to me that the characters I know and love are faithfully portrayed on the big screen. Given that Meg's red hair is one of her defining characteristics, I think the actress portraying her in the future film should be redheaded. In the name of diversity, ginger erasure must be avoided. I'm hoping the filmmakers would place a higher priority on truthful representation than forced diversity.


This is exciting!
I'm interested to know to see which killers and survivors will be featured in the Dead by Daylight film.
It's difficult to pick just a few fantastic characters from the many that are available.


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What Blumhouse can achieve with the horror genre has already been seen. They've already established themselves with several excellent movies, so I'm looking forward to their next work on Dead by Daylight.

I'm hopeful that this partnership will result in Blumhouse's killers being made available in Dead by Daylight as downloadable content. The inclusion of these well-known figures in the game would be amazing.


Felix may be a relatively new character, but he's quickly become a fan favorite. I think it would be a great idea to include him in the first movie, as he's already established a strong presence in the Dead by Daylight community.


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Really hoping that Claudette's actress is dark-skinned since I care about accurate portrayal in media. It's time for Hollywood to stop using biracial performers in roles designed for people with darker skin tones. Claudette is the first black female videogame character I am aware of who doesn't appear to be a tanned white person. I feel represented by her since she resembles myself. I also do not like a ginger character like Meg will be race swapped so I will be "represented" Just cast a dark skinned character to play Claudette.


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While I'm excited for the Dead by Daylight movie, I do think that the story might have been better suited for a TV show format. The game's mechanics and lore lend themselves well to a serialized format, and there's so much potential for interesting character development. It is hard fit all those killers and survivors in 1 movie.


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Taylor Swift Swift should play Kate Denson, I think it would be really cool to see Taylor play the role in the movie. She's got the country music chops and the acting experience to pull it off.

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So exciting! I'm thrilled to hear that a movie based on Dead By Daylight is in the works as a huge fan of the game. I'm excited to see how the filmmakers will translate the game's unique gameplay into a compelling narrative on the big screen. While it's disappointing that the film won't include licensed characters, I understand that it makes sense for the movie to focus on the game's original survivors and killers. It'll be interesting to see how the filmmakers adapt these characters for a new medium.


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My life is DBD! I played Dead By Daylight for many hours, and I can't wait to see my favorite characters come to life on the big screen. Fans must already be making predictions about which actors would be ideal for each part.Blumhouse's decision to collaborate with Atomic Monster and Behaviour on this project strikes me as shrewd. These businesses have a lot of expertise adapting horror and video games, so they ought to be able to accurately represent the DBD universe.


One of Dead By Daylight's finest points is its lore, therefore I'm interested to see how the film will explore this universe. I'm hoping they can successfully balance the horror with the narrative so that both the game's devotees and novices to the genre will be satisfied.


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While I'm sure some fans will be disappointed that licensed characters won't appear in the movie, Lets understand it will be a licensing nightmare. Michael Myers might appear though because Blumhouse have his rights.


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It's intriguing to speculate on how the Dead By Daylight film might expand the game's mythology. Perhaps the film will introduce new survivors and killers who will eventually make their way into the game.
As a horror fan, I'm always excited to see new horror films. I believe that the film Dead By Daylight has the potential to be a memorable addition to the horror canon.


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Extremely upbeat in regards to the movie Death By Daylight. I believe it's a fantastic chance to introduce new audiences to the distinctive world of the game, and I'm eager to see what the filmmakers come up with.

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