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You might be confused when reading the next big event in Dead By Daylight revolves around Saw, as the franchise already got a Killer and Survivor to represent it. Is a second set on the way?
Not really. The spotlight is going back on some previously introduced characters, Killer The Pig and Survivor David Tapp, to illustrate the next season of the game — which is entirely about Saw. The Pig is the costume version of Amanda Young from the films; the weapons at her disposal include a knife and bear trap cages that snap around the heads of unfortunate players. David Tapp is the same character from the original Saw, who didn’t make it past movie #1 (but the story is he was resurrected here…lucky him). Look for a new storyline revolving around these characters.
Will Jigsaw himself show up? In the cutscenes definitely, but don’t expect to be able to play as the guy. He wasn’t exactly physically fit in the movies, and his puppet form wouldn’t be an effective fighter either.
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