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What do you guys think about the Jackie Chan death hoax? I think it's the second time this year that he has been reported dead. It can be really confusing when such reports go viral because you'll never really believe the truth when it happens.


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To be honest I wasn't even aware he had been reported dead this year, or ever, lol. I must be living under a rock or too busy working! I don't know... those rumors are very stupid. What kind of people could be starting that kind of rumors? It's like when they said Adam Sandler had been attacked and killed by a wild animal. I guess the people who create those rumors are people with a lot free time on their hands... or someone who gets paids to do it ;)


Obviously you don't know that he can't die. I myself was a fool to believe that but after some meditation and drugs I found out the truth.


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I read that he died on Facebook. Who are these people who make these weird rumors. I hate internet rumors.


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I think that seems to be a recurring topic, with well-known people.
For years, people claimed that President John Kennedy was reported to be still alive, and living on Aristotle Onassis yacht.
Elvis has been spotted all over the United States , and supposedly photographed, ever since his death in 1977.
I remember reading that Billy Graham had died, several years ago, but apparently, that didn't happen either, even though there are thousands of other people who also read the same news, or saw it on TV .
Sometimes this is an outright hoax, but sometimes it seems to be an unexplained phenomenon.

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