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DC plans to start off this fall with a BANG…quite a few of them, in fact, courtesy of a certain blonde maniac.
Oi, puddin’! Harley Quinn is turning 30! And she’s never been more popular, with her own series being one of HBO Max’s star attractions and rumors of Lady Gaga playing her in film. This calls for a celebration, and Harleen is getting a hefty one…a 96-page Anniversary Special with stories and art from everyone who’s lent a hand to her robust career over the decades. Dini is here. So is Conner and Palmotti, Phillips, Sejic, Dodson and many more. There will be variant covers…lots and lots of them. It’s a party Harley wishes she could crash…but she can’t, because it’s her own party. That won’t stop her, though! Get it September 13.
Dark Crisis will still be a thing by September, so if you don’t want to know what’s going to happen in advance, avoid these next two paragraphs…..Pariah has revealed his master plan: to rebuild the multiverse that was destroyed in the 1985 original...

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