DC Comics Solicitations May 2023


<p>May is the month when a ton of classic DC heroes will suddenly have their own books again!</p>


Dark Knight of the Gaming Realm
City Boy looks interesting, Glad to see a new POC Superhero who is not a mantle replacement for an existing white Superhero. This is how you give people representation! Original and new character, I hope he will be as big as Monkey Prince.

Creed Chen

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There seem to be an increase of Asian Superheroes from City Boy,Monkey Prince and now Xanthe. Xanthe's design is a better attempt of a Non-binary superhero than what Marvel did with Snowflake, who got ridiculed online. Original Superheroes are better than trying to shortcut a new Superhero by giving them the title of a white superhero.

Sailor Krypton

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Exciting news! May 2023 is going to be a great month for DC fans with so many classic heroes making a comeback!CYBORG #1 is definitely on my reading list. It's great to see everyone's favorite half-robotized teen getting his own solo adventure. He had been a team member for Teen Titans and Justice League, he needs his own adventures.

Ed Sasso

I am the Omega
Yo, listen up! DC's droppin' a Peacemaker book this May and I gotta say, I'm freakin' pumped for the chance of gettin' a second season of the TV show!. No doubt Peacemaker's gonna keep bringin' the laughs and keepin' us entertained in the comic book series. Yo, John Cena's killin' it with his portrayal of the character, straight up awesome. So I hope it help comics sales and tv renewal.


Goku's Bro
Oh boy, GREEN LANTERN #1 has got me intrigued! I can't wait to see how Hal Jordan handles being exiled to our dinky little planet. I mean, talk about a demotion! And John Stewart? He's chillin' like a villain, but I'm dying to know if he'll make a cameo in this fresh new series. Bring on the intergalactic drama!
Hold on to your capes folks, because Dan Mora is about to make his writing debut with a Batman Black & White series! I am positively itching with excitement to see what capers the Dark Knight will get up to in these short stories, especially if he's going up against some bionic goons from The Joker. It's like the Caped Crusader has traded in his Batmobile for a DeLorean and traveled into the future! And let's not forget the dynamic duo of Tom King and Mitch Gerads, who always deliver a knockout punch. With the promise of a spine-tingling Joker tale, I'm practically hanging off the edge of my Bat-seat.


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Still Mourning that Doom Patrol got canceled on tv. Thank God I can still see their adventures in comics. This sounds like a really exciting issue of Unstoppable Doom Patrol! I can't wait to see how Robotman and Negative Man fare against the Green Lanterns, especially with the fate of a new metahuman on the line.


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I love that Tini Howard is exploring a midlife existential crisis for Harley, and it's great to hear that she has her hyena spiritual advisors, Bud and Lou, to help her out. And who can resist a giant, bloodthirsty, killer anthropo-whatsit rabbit man with a big ol’ carrot-shaped axe? Harley is in her 30s so yeah she is probably experiencing it now.

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