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May is….not exactly around the corner, but it never hurts to be prepared. Here’s everything DC is planning to release three months from now.
Imagine if a Superman-sized crisis hit the Earth…and Superman went missing at the same time. That’s the situation facing Batman and the Justice League in Batman: Fortress, a new story written by Gary Whitta and illustrated by Darick Robertson. An alien spaceship has entered Earth’s atmosphere and it’s causing disturbances and fluctuations in the global communications system, along with power blackouts. This means Batman has his hands full just keeping thieves from robbing Gotham blind, but he’s also got to figure out what happened to his friend — and if the aliens had something to do with it. The first of eight issues goes on sale May 24.
Welcome to the JURASSIC LEAGUE! It’s an alternate Earth where everyone’s a DINOSAUR — including Superman, which means Krypton was full of dinosaurs as well, we guess. These reptilian superheroes are about to...

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