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I don't think jon Ken will be as big as his dad But I understand why Dc is trying to make him happen because Superman is close to becoming Public domain, so they want a Superman they own. They also get woke Brownie points by giving him a male love interest.

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Fighting Crime trying to save the world
Punchline debuted in comics so recent, as in in 2020 during the height of the Pandemic but somehow she is now popular enough to be the cover of her own comicbooks.


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I had never read any of the Sandman comics before, but after watching that phenomenal adaptation on Netflix, I was blown away. I made it a point to read all of the comics that were behind, and they got even better. The books in The Sandman Universe are of the highest possible quality. This enormous world is teeming with fascinating people just waiting to be found out more about. The Netflix show is a ruse to get me to read the comics, and it's all thanks to Netflix.


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The Monkey Prince is a fantastic book that everyone should read. This is how a brand-new superhero of color is created! Rather than using "Woke" mantle replacements like Amadeus Cho or Ironheart, create a one-of-a-kind character who is rooted in the culture. It's entertaining! The aspect of Chinese mythology being explored feels new, and it's fun to see the main character move around and interact with a variety of DC staples. I strongly advise getting some hands-on experience with it.The unconventional home life of Marcus, as well as the way it sort of transitions the original monkey king's justifiable defiance to the DC Universe, both contribute to the fact that Monkey Prince is an excellent book. Its narratives allow it to comment on superheroes while also exploring themes of violence and justice.
I am looking forward to enjoying the release of another book starring Donna Troy, Wally West, and Dick Grayson, and I would adore it if the authors recognized other classic Titans characters besides the NTT's original seven members, with the exception of Roy. There is still a chance that there will be additional covers in addition to the super happy New Teen Titans nostalgia album, even though some events are coming to an end. DC Comics are currently dominating the market, and the art style is really cool, but it appears that their only goal is to produce films that can rival those of Marvel.


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The film Batman: Fear State disappointed me. The overall story is drawn out and difficult to follow, despite some enjoyable parts. It's also a shame because the artwork is incredible. What good is aesthetic appeal if the narrative and content are boring? Each episode consists solely of a fight, repeated monologues about familiar topics, and the setup for a new fight. This pattern continues despite the fact that nothing noteworthy has occurred (as was the case during the Joker War). I'm not going to argue that the drawings are incredible.


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I am so unsure about the future of Doom Patrol show because of the cancelation extravaganza going on but I am happy my favorite chosen family will continue in the comics.


I am not a big fan of reading books or comics but for my love of Superman and the legacy and impact it has on my mind made me the person that I am today.

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