DC Comics Solicitations June 2023


<p>June will be here before you know it and so will the following DC Comics. Here are the highlights we picked from this month’s long list….</p>


Roll for initiative
Looks like The Penguin's plan is finally paying off. He faked his death, framed Batman for his murder, and now he's got his own comic book! Maybe next he'll take over the comic book at a time.It's been a while since we've heard from Steel, but he's back in STEELWORKS. His metal expertise has landed him a thriving business, but one of his enemies may be sabotaging it from the inside out. Looks like he'll have to put on his steel-toed boots and get to work.


I'm happy that Peter J. Tomasi's Detective Comics have been compiled into a single omnibus. Thanks to Doug Mahnke, Brad Walker, and Kyle Hotz's outstanding artwork and Tomasi's superb writing, this volume is sure to be a terrific addition to any Batman fan's library. Fans of the Clown Prince of Crime should find 2 by James Tynion IV to be a thrilling journey. This narrative promises to be surprising with Jim Gordon pursuing the Joker as he is on the run. What Tynion and the fantastic creative team of Guillem March and Francesco Francavilla have in store for us intrigues me greatly.


Batman: Detective Comics by Peter J. Tomasi Omnibus? More like Batman: Detective Comics by Peter J. Tomasi Omniboss! This collection has everything a Batman fan could want: action, suspense, and of course, plenty of brooding. It looks badass!


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Joker Vol. 2 seems like it will be a really great book. I just hope Jim Gordon has plenty of bat repellent on hand because he's going to need it with the Joker on the loose.


The Sensei of Syntax
I'm intrigued by the premise of "Peacemaker Tries Hard! #2", with Peacemaker and Monsieur Mallah breaking into General Immortus' secret base to steal super-villain DNA. With Kyle Starks' writing and Steve Pugh's art, this issue is sure to be a thrilling and action-packed read. The characters gains more popularity ever since he got played by John Cena in movie and tv.

David Mccoy

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"The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country - The Glass House #3" is shaping up to be a dark and atmospheric read,
I'm looking forward to seeing how the Corinthian's hunger and Thessaly's wants intersect.
As a lover of "The Sandman" series, I'm looking forward to "The Sandman Book Six," which will conclude the cherished series.
This last volume, with a team of great authors and illustrators, promises to be a fitting finale to the epic narrative of Morpheus and the Dreaming.


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I just finished reading about Peacemaker's latest mission. It seems like he's got his work cut out for him with this one! The Brain has tasked him with stealing some super-villain DNA, and he's got Monsieur Mallah at his side. I'm excited to see what kind of shenanigans these two will get up to.


Peter J. Tomasi's Detective Comics is an excellent addition to any Batman fan's collection, with its exceptional artwork and superb storytelling. And I'm also looking forward to James Tynion IV's 2, which promises to be a thrilling adventure with Jim Gordon chasing the Joker. The creative team of Guillem March and Francesco Francavilla is fantastic, and I can't wait to see what surprises they have in store for us.

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