DC Comics Solicitations June 2022

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It’s just starting to warm up outside (except in Australia where it’s just starting to get cold). Soon it’ll be scorching, and these cool June DC Comics offerings will help you beat the heat…or at least forget about it.
June is Pride Month, and DC has plans to celebrate with a new DC Pride volume! Look inside for new adventures starring the DCU’s LGBTQ cast (including Jon Kent), as well as an introduction by Nicole Maines, AKA Dreamer from Supergirl! We hope this isn’t a hollow gesture and that internally, DC actually treats its queer creators well (looks in Disney’s direction). The 104-page volume will be released one day before the month starts, May 31.
Imagine what the DCU would do if all its strongest heroes were dead. Wait, we don’t have to imagine, because they ARE dead. In Dark Crisis, launching in the month of June, all members of the Justice League are gone, leaving the newer generation to handle a universe-threatening event. This seven-part epic begins with a 40-page...

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Tim Drake is now Bisexual and Tom Drake is now Gay. I can see those toxic Masculinity Geek boys getting trigger. Those Talking Heads in YouTube will say they are not homophobic but they are. Nubia finally having her Solo makes me happy.

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