DC Comics Solicitations July 2022

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Jun 20, 2012
July 4 may be Independence Day, but the DCU will be fighting for its own independence around the same time, as the events of the latest crossover-wide threat unfold. Here are the highlights from DC’s latest round of solicitations.
The Dark Crisis continues — and it turns out the one causing all this chaos is…Pariah! This guy was introduced in the original Crisis from 1985 as a figure sentenced to passively watch tragedies throughout the universe as punishment for his crimes. Looks like (1) they set him free and (2) he isn’t repentant at ALL. He’s now trying to conquer Earth and none of the World’s Finest are here to stop him. Can their sidekicks — now promoted to lead roles — stop Pariah’s army? Issue 2 of Dark Crisis comes out July 5. Issues of Flash and Young Justice continue the story on July 19.
DC Mech is a new series reimagining the DC universe as a giant robot slugfest. Kal-El is still an alien, but has no powers. What he DOES have is a massive war suit that traveled with...

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