DC Comics Solicitations February 2023

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As we do every month, we’re spilling the beans on what DC Comics is planning three months from now! The full list of titles lies below, but here are the highlights.
We start things off with….Superman #1! Yep, it’s yet another reset for the Man of Steel, but an optimistic one. He’s emerged from Dark Crisis triumphant. Lex is in jail. His family is fully functional. Surely something bad is just waiting around the corner, but you’ll have to peek inside this oversized issue to find out. Expect a ridiculous amount of variant covers. Superman #1 goes on sale February 23.
We assume Superman’s happy life situation is occurring after the event most DC books are following: Lazarus Planet. Last month’s solicitations revealed the first urgent threat of 2023 will be an eruption that sprays Lazarus stuff all over the world and gives random people powers. In Next Evolution, you’ll meet some of the new heroes that have been born out of this event.In Dark Fate, you’ll get acquianted with some of...

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They are really pushing Yara to be the next Wonder Woman but sorry she cannot replace Diana. I gave up with Shazam of all these delays but at least these movie tie in comics can expand the lore.


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I am sure Sandman comics will even sell more now that the Netflix show got renewed. I find Monkey Prince interesting since he is inspired from Son Wukong who is also the inspiration for making Son Goku.


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I do not remember where but I saw some movies try to merge spiderman and batman in one film it is new innovation from the productors to attract followers of both films.


I am excited about it and they always think out of the box to keep us entertained and even guessing about the next editions.

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