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DC wants to be your valentine in February 2022, and they’re preparing gifts in the form of new comics to win you over. Here are the tender February soliciations.
DC is telling some WEIRD LOVE TALES that month! This one-shot scheduled for February 8 has what the cover suggests is Harley Quinn’s brief fling with a dinosaur, a “bromance” story for Peacemaker, and “a first date you never saw coming.” This 80-page book will be bound in a paperback format.
The hero formerly known as Captain Marvel is now also formerly known as Shazam. Thanks to his disappearance (we’re not saying death because this is comic books) the magic seems to have been lost. This affects his entire family, whose powers were branched from Billy Batson’s. Mary Bromfeld in particular is pretty bummed about it, until…she’s suddenly given the chance to become Shazam herself. Find out how she does in The New Champion Of Shazam, Mary’s first solo comic. The first of four issues will be out February 22.
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