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How will DC wrap up an eventful, Crisis-loaded 2022? Find out as we dive into the December Solicitations that were released today.
Who’s having a Bad Day in Gotham now? It’s Catwoman! Selina prides herself on being the greatest thief in all the world, so when she slips up, it hits her hard. She just learned an item from her past, which she let go, is now worth a ton of money (must be the Rockin’ Kats NES cartridge she had as a kid). Selina is so upset she just might do something drastic to get it back. Can Batman talk some sense into her? This tale is told in Batman: One Bad Day –Catwoman #1, which comes out December 20.
The Dark Crisis will end in December with the seventh and final issue. We’d tell you what the issue summary says but it’s a spoiler. Suffice to say everyone is back (which ISN’T a spoiler as it’s common knowledge now) and they have a big battle ahead of them. So do you, when you have to pick from twelve different variant covers. The crisis is abated December 20...

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I don't think we will se change everywhere at same time. SInce we can see sometimes difference between theme in comics and movies, we will se roles to. Also maybe Yara is made only for movies because Gal Gadot past as Izrael soldier.


There will be... a Crisis...
Punchline has become popular really fast as Joker's new girlfriend. I prefer Joker's wife in Harley Quinn show though, You know the mom with 2 kids.

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