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Here’s everything DC is bringing to comics shops in the DC Comics Solicitations August 2021.
Batman is one of the most famous fictional characters in the entire world, and to prove it, DC is printing a new hardcover anthology that took a world to produce. Batman: The World will feature stories from creative teams located in France, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, Korea, the Czech Republic and many more. It’s the first time DC has taken on a project of this scope. The book should reach stores September 14.
DC is going back to th past to tell new stories in the worlds created by some of their most iconic movies. Batman ’89 takes place within Tim Burton’s gothic Gotham and is written by screenwriter Sam Hamm, who had a hand in writing the original movie. There’s also Superman ’78, written and drawn as if it were a long-lost sequel to the original Reeve / Kidder film.
Aquaman is 80 years old, and he doesn’t look that bad for an octogenarian….but then again, he’s changed...

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