DC Comics Solicitations April 2023

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The first book of Nightwing was a breath of fresh air, and I just finished it. If anything, I'd say this is more of a Dick Grayson comic than a Nightwing comic, and that's saying a lot because I absolutely liked it. However, this is the best-written and greatest Dick Grayson comic ever made. It's fantastic as it explains all you need to know about Dick, so you can read it with no background and still get the concepts.


Please do not Ban Me
I thought there is a new V for Vendetta graphic novel, its just a new edition of the old one. Not gonna buy it since I still have the original. Joke the Man who stopped laughing is the comics where he got pregnant I believe.


Perfect Enemy
The Shazam cover looks funny because we all know he is a kid but it looks like he forgot to transform back to Billy and decided to go to school.

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