David King from Dead by Daylight retconned to be Gay

Madeline Everleigh

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David King from Dead by Daylight is now canonically gay. The rugged boxer of the popular survival horror asymmetric multiplayer game was originally written to be straight. His lore even mentioned he has a girlfriend. Dead by Daylight have a diverse fanbase, and it is noticeable that there is a growing LGBT player base in the community. These fans had been asking Behavior for a representation.
The LGBT fans wanted to see representation on the survivor side. I cannot blame them because most of the representation in the game are killers. I am talking about Freddie Krueger and Hell Raiser. When Behavior announced dead by Daylight would have an LGBT character, they assumed it would be either a new character, Dwight Fairfield or Yui Kimura.
David’s lore is that he was a Rugby player who became a boxer because he got involved in fights. He is limping on his perk, No Mither...

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To the fans complaining how David can be Gay when he had a girl friend, A lot of Gay men had girl friends before they came out of the closet or realized their sexuality.


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Chris Redfield from Resident evil will be Next because of all the fan arts he have spreading around the internet.


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Dead by Daylight does break stereotypes, Nea is one of the Butchest looking women in videogames and she is straight. Her costumes are stereotypically masculine but she is hetero.


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Love the irony that the gay character is the most athletic and Physically strong among the original characters. Technically Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy,Bill Overbeck and Ash are strongest characters in the game because of their experience but they are 3rd party characters.


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They Made him Gay because he is popular to the gay fanbase. I saw a lot of fans shipping him to Dwight or Jake.

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I think they decided to go for an established character because it will backfire if a new character is introduced as gay,There is a risk the sales won't be satisfactory. So they decided to go for David who is popular.