Dated & Related Make out with your date while her overprotective brother is watching

Kayleigh Haskell

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Dated & Related is the most awkward and uncomfortable dating reality show in existence. Pairs of siblings will go to a tropical Island to find love. Netflix is no Stranger to dating reality shows with a weird concept. We have Love is Blind, where people who can’t see each other will try to connect through conversations only. There is Too hot to handle where extremely attractive horndogs got forbidden from having sex, or they will lose the prize money, and there is Sexy Beast, a show with a nightmare-inducing trailer.
On every date, their brother or sister is the chaperone and vice versa. Public display of affection is typical in dating reality shows because contestants want to find chemistry with the participant. The...

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I have a feeling that subscribers of those step something websites will love this show. The concept is kind of gross. I don't get people who shows public display of attention in front of family members.


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The title makes me nervous, I thought it is the related people who will be dating. Thanks God this is not Alabama themed but the concept is still gross.

Faiz Shadow

Consider rebranding this show for Netflix, please. Because if you didn't know what it was about, you'd be baffled as to why it was a program in the first place. Why is it that people are so trusting of their own bros and sissies? I haven't even embraced my own in a long time. I was raised in a typical conservative family. Seeing my parents physically affectionate in Western movies has always been strange to me because I've never witnessed it myself.


Who in Netflix approved of this? They cancel so many Good shows so they can fund this?

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