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The comics company UDON Entertainment works with a lot of video game properties, Capcom’s most prominently. They’ve published comics, art books and manga based on Street Fighter, Mega Man, Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, Persona, Bayonetta, Bloodborne, and Darkstalkers…which brings us to their latest announcement.
One of the more recognizable characters in the Darkstalkers series is the succubus Morrigan, and until now, she hasn’t had her own solo book. UDON plans to rectify that. A 32-page, one-shot comic starring the fighter will be out in early spring, written by Ken Siu-Chong (who has written other Darkstalkers comics) and illustrated by Panzer (who normally works on their Street Fighter books).
Morrigan, the sultry succubus queen of the demonic Darkstalker dimension arrives in her own 1-shot comic! Her late night escapades into the human world have accidentally unleashed a destructive force on her home dimension. Now, Morrigan must personally confront this new evil to return order...

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Goddess of the Couch potatoes
I wish they will make a 4th Game in the series. All these comics will do be nothing if we are not getting a new game.