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On October 21, Dark Sky Films will release their latest horror anthology, Sinphony, to on-demand platforms. The film consists of nine indie horror tales that were conceived of and curated on the social media platform Clubhouse, to the point that the movie bears the subtitle “A Clubhouse Horror Anthology.” A movie full of frightening images and murder seems like a weird way to promote your product, but what do we know.
A lot of these do sound like creepy concepts: in “Ear Worm,” a contractor repairing a house inhales weird spores that cause him to hallucinate and turn into a killer. “Tabitha” is about a woman who tries to rob a bank but winds up bleeding out in her car while being haunted by a ghostly figure. The shorts in Sinphony were written and directed by Haley Bishop, Jason Ragosta, Sebastien Bazile & Michael Galvan, Mark Pritchard, Kimberley Elizabeth, Jason Wilkinson, Nichole Carlson, Steven Keller and Wes Driver, some of whom star in their shorts as well.
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Eh, I'm not sure, but from what I can tell, this is dull.
It has some of the same levels of acting and spectacular effects as CW television shows.


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I absolutely enjoy dark sky films, and it is fantastic that they are still producing pictures that are terrifying and of high quality.