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They’ve been hinting at it, but today they made it official. Marvel has announced a new Daredevil series is coming to Disney+ at an unspecified time.
They didn’t say who was playing, but it’s a bit obvious. Charlie Cox played the Man Without Fear in the 2015 Netflix series, and after the rights reverted to Disney, he showed up as Murdock again in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Vincent D’Onofrio was Kingpin in that series, and he came back in the same role on the Hawkeye series. So there’s little doubt it will be those guys once more. The question is…in what form?
Will this new Daredevil series be a continuation of the Netflix series, or will it establish its own continuity? If it’s the latter, it could get messy, as the Netflix show was meant to take place in the MCU even if it wasn’t allowed to explicitly use Avengers characters. If it’s the former, there’s no way Disney+ will let it get as gritty as the first show was (even if the first show is on Disney+ anyway), so there could be a...

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I'm here for you
Charlie Cox better reprise the role. He is the Ultimate DareDevil for me. There should be a crossover with She-Hulk too.They should be rivals at court.


Money Heister
I hope Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Punisher will have the same fate. Ironfist and Shang-Chi should become a team.


Money Heister
I wonder if we are going to have a continuation of the Netflix show because we have the same lead actor or is this going to be a reboot.