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Terror Films will be distributing the new horror flick Apartment 413 later this month to digital platforms.
Apartment 413 happens to be the place young Marco is spending all his time lately ever since getting laid off. He has his girlfriend to support him, but she’s pregnant and will probably have to go on maternity leave soon. Marco spends most of his time at home searching for jobs online, but soon he starts to get the feeling that….he’s not alone in that apartment.
Strange post-it messages begin appearing, each with a cryptic nonsensical message. Neither Marco nor Dama remember writing them. Then Marco’s old cell phone starts ringing…the one he hasn’t used in years and supposedly doesn’t work anymore. When he dares to answer the phone, he gets scary threats. What’s actually going on, and is it as straightforward as “ghosts”?
Apartment 413 stars Nicholas Saenz (“American Crime”), Brea Grant (“Beyond the Gates”) and Dave Buckner. It was written and directed by Matt Patterson, and...
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