The end justiΦ's the means
Aug 8, 2009
Hello. I am the co-host to Dan Pearce, also known as Dai Ranger on Rangerboard, discodan42 on Skype and danpearce42 on twitter. Our good friend Dan started this podcast after listening to and drawing inspiration from the Random Crap Podcast (and possibly Rangercast). He started out as a guy who recorded by himself, which was pretty sad, not going to lie, but he had potential, as myself and others saw, and now our humble little podcast is ten members strong (mostly rotating members, rarely are we all on at once).

Oh yes, and we also have a fanpage on Facebook. As well as a website, where we post news, reviews, videos and so much more. New podcasts are uploaded there before linked anywhere else, so check it often.~

And now, for the reason why you clicked on this topic in the first place, here's our catalouge of podcasts. Stay tuned and keep on listenin'~. (Side note: WE ARE ON iTUNES.)

Episode 1: "The Pilot?" (Note... the opening audio did not record.)
Episode 2: "So Wataru... Are You Depressed?
Episode 3: "Nago Kidnaps him from the Police"
Episode 4: "Newt's Debut Dispute"
Episode 5: "GekiRed Should Always Be in a Skirt"
Episode 6: "There's No Place I Can Be Since I Found Serenity"
Episode 7: "Revenge of the Browncoats"
Episode 8: "Megatron on Power Rangers?"
Episode 9: "Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails"
Episode 10: Kiva's Revenge?
Episode 11: "Raiding Lt. Stone's Closet
Episode 12: "On His Bike in a Tree"
Episode 13: "The Beginning of Something Random"
Episode 14: "Oh No! Everyone's Dead! I Guess This is 'The Erika Fong Show'"
Episode 15: "PowerPuff Puberty"
Episode 16: "I'm the Black Ranger 'Cause I'm Pink"
Episode 17: "Exhausted"
Episode 18: "Dan and Nick's Hissatsu Attack Part 1"
Episode 19: "Sticking Lollipops to Bombs"
Episode 20: "Holy Crap! The Cat's Back!"
Episode 21: "I Was Aiming For His Head"
Episode 22: "Shadow Puppets"
Episode 23: "Shodophones"
Episode 24: "Ride With the Devil? More Like Laugh at Phillip"
Episode 25: "Double the Tangents. Double the Fun."
Episode 26: "Angry Shippers"
Episode 27: "Jayden and Jii, Sittin' in a Tree"
Episode 28: "It's Not Pronounced Dee-Cade"
Episode 29: "Luka: The Queen of Hearts"
Episode 30: "Joe Likes Swords... A Lot."
Episode 31: "Antonio of Triforia?"
Episode 32: "Marvelous Fangirling"
Episode 33: "Yeah That's Syd. Yeah I'm Terrified Too"
Episode 36: "More Den-O Movies? Why Not?"
Episode 37: "DigiPuns"
Episode 38 "You Have to Say it Like.. CAAARRRRRRRANGER!!!"
Episode 39: "The Downfall of AkaRed"
Episode 40: "Davis is Just the Worst..."
Episode 41: "Nostalgia Glasses Part 1"
Episode 42: "If He Has the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Key..."
Episode 43: "Deker Did Nothing. Again."
Episode 44: "IT'S NOT SPANDEX!!!"
Episode 45: "Journey Through the Decade"
Episode 46: "It's The First, So We Have To Be Nice to It"
Episode 47: "Unorganized Fever J"
Episode 48: "Faiz and the Circle of Creepy"
Episode 49: "The Casual Samurai"
Episode 50: "The Big 50"
Episode 51: "He's Not Cool Enough to be DragonRanger"
Episode 52: "Now Count Up Your Tangents"
Episode 53: "Easy on the Eyes, but Hard on the Heart"
Episode 54: "Dan Can Fanboy Too!"
Episode 55: "Establishing Brand Loyalty"
Episode 56: "A Series of Unfortunate Events"
Episode 57: "Sword... Of... Power...!"
Episode 58: "He Punched Her In The Face!"
Episode 59: "Bringin' Knuckles to a Gun Fight"
Episode 60: "Fourzing the Origins of Season Two"
Episode 61: "Ugly, Ugly Birdies in the Sky"
Episode 62: "Live from Anime Expo 2011"
Episode 63: "The Ends JustFaiz The Means"
Episode 64: "Too Little Too Late"
Episode 65: "Hammer Space Donuts"
Episode 66: "Baku Baku Beating... WTF Decade?"
Episode 67: "Susume Boukenger"
Episode 68: "Too Much Adventure"
Episode 69: "Mountain Blaster Turbo... Oh God"
Episode 70: "Ryuki World... Dragon Knight Jokes? Check."
Episode 71: "I WANT MY BAZOOKA!"
Episode 72: "Round of Applause for Samurai"
Episode 73: "Eating Our Deodorant"
Episode 74: "Promise of Power Rider"
Episode 75: "Zordon is Justin's Father"
Episode 76: " 'There's Always Going to be Dumb People' -Otakon 2011"
Episode 77: "GoGoGokai and the Zangyack Pregnancy"
Episode 78: "Dan's (Toku) Rants IN SPACE"
Episode 79: "Boys and Relationships with a Toku Twist"
Episode 80: "Walking the Path of Kamen Rider-Related Tangents"
Episode 81: "Gai vs. Ninjas"
Episode 83: "Stale Sentai Switch"
Episode 84 "JET-O JET-O JET-O DAN!"
Episode 85: "As Galaxies Found Become Galaxies Lost"
Episode 86: "Kamen Rider Mean Girls"
Episode 87: "Count the Medals"
Episode 88: "Is This Kamen Rider or Glee?"
Episode 89: "We Were Wrong"
Episode 90: "Basco Broke Gai's Arm... Oops"
Episode 91: "All About Jake... jk it's JK"
Episode 92: "MegaForce Kitties"
Episode 93: "Dayu and Deker, Sitting in a Tree"
Episode 94: "A Broken Dan"
Episode 95: "Saraba Ricardo Medina Jr."
Episode 96: "Box Full of Kittens"
Episode 97: "Behind the Scenes"
Episode 98: "Much Adu About Sentai"
Episode 99: "Just No."
Episode 100: "Blaze of Glory Part 1"
Episode 101: "Blaze of Glory Part 2"
Episode 102: "Bom Bom"
Episode 103: "Gemmacast"
Episode 104: "Spongebath with Octoroo"
Episode 105: "Tenkagomen"
Episode 106: "You Are Walz Guilty"
Episode 107: "Omlets Anyone?"
Episode 108: "We Didn't Start the Fire"
Episode 109: "And Then, 'Let's Go Kamen Rider' Shows Up.."
Episode 110: "Like a Dream"
Episode 111: "Ahstro Sweetch"
Episode 112: "Jheri Curl"
Episode 113: "Hey Look! Continuity Over There"
Episode 114: "Your Team Says Hi"
Episode 115 "How Samurai Stole Christmas"
Episode 116: "I Like Spaghetti and Sandwiches"
Episode 117: "Do They Get Mail?
Episode 118: "Christmas"
Episode 119: "Go-Busting Venjix?"
Episode 120: "Dan Pearce's New Years Rockin' Eve"
Episode 121: "Santa Fever J"
Episode 122: "Zyu2 Was So 20 Years Ago"
Episode 123: "Two Sentais at Once"
Episode 124: "How to Make a Show of It"
Episode 125: "Pop Culture Pirates"
Episode 126: "Subpocalypse 2012"
Episode 127: "Goodbye, Sweet Basco..."
Episode 128: "Podcast Number One! We Are Dan's (Toku) Rants!!!"
Episode 129: "An Adaption Done Correctly"
Episode 130: "Doggy Bag of CW Johnson"
Episode 131: "One Year Ago..."
Episode 132: "Thuper Duper"
Episode 133: "NickCast"
Episode 134: "Let's Go Pirates!"
Episode 135: "Eating the Ta-Zacker Crackers"
Episode 136: "Power Rangers to DVD"
Episode 137: "Are the GoBusters Really Ready to Go?"
Episode 138: "Natural Japanese Accents"
Episode 139: "Fun! Fun! Fun!"
Episode 140: "Awesome Akiba Unlimited"
Episode 141: "Spiking Late in Life"
Episode 142: "Child Soldiers Sentai"
Episode 143: "Promoting Power Rangers SPD"
Episode 144: "Emily's Other Side"
Episode 145: "Blame it on the Alcohol"
Episode 146: "Boys and Their Toys"
Episode 147: "Tomoko and Ryuusei Shipping"
Episode 148: "Day of the Delusion"
Episode 149: "Xandred Needs his iPod"
Episode 150: "The Big Turbo 150"
Episode 151: "RocketsOnRocketsOnRockets"
Episode 152: "Monster in the Machine"
Episode 153: "Wizard With Weferences"
Episode 154: "Gemma's Journey to Japan"
Episode 155: "The Black Sun"
Episode 156: "Top Five Power Ranger Premieres"
Episode 157: "See Spot Run"
Episode 158: "Who's Hagrid Played By?"
Episode 159: "Internbot, Beware!"
Episode 160: "Half and Half: A Shanthony Story"
Episode 162: "Otakon 2012: 'Dragon Daggers and Henshin Heroes'"
Episode 163: "Aoi Fingers and the Pickpocketing Force"
Episode 164: "Super Cool Hoji"
Episode 165: "He Bought the Lunchbox"
Episode 166: "The Morphiconless Adventures of Dan & Dante
Episode 167: "Follow the Sun"
Episode 168: "Thank You Shout Factory!"
Episode 169: "Switch On Your School Days"
Episode 170: "Power Morphicon 2012: The Rise of Infamy"
Episode 171: "Podcast, Please"
Episode 172: "Titanium Power: An Interview with Rhett Fisher"
Episode 173: "Moron Christmas - A Commentary on Power Rangers Fanfilms and Projects"
Episode 174: "Time for a Gold Rush: An Interview with Tim, Tommy, and Ted DiFilippo"
Episode 175: "Fly High! An Interview with Justin Nimmo"
Episode 176: "Captain, My Captain: An Interview with Ron Rogge"
Episode 177: "Wizardcasts are Cursed"
Episode 178: "Crack is Wack"
Episode 179: "The Master Stands Again: An Interview with Ilia Volok"
Episode 180: "You Sultry Minx"
Episode 181: "Feliz Cumpleanos"
Episode 182: "Fighting Ketchup with Ketchup"
Episode 183: "Back to Buster"
Episode 184: "Spanning the Globe"
Episode 185: "Fighting Like a Bunny
Episode 186: "Sister-Wivesâ€
Episode 187: "Podcasts: How Do They Work?
Episode 188: “Samurai Neverâ€
Episode 189: “Dan Pearce's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2012â€
Episode 190: “Then Heaven Help Them: A Text Interview with James Gaylynâ€*
Episode 191: “Right Size, Wrong Shapeâ€
Episode 192: “A Magical Night of Breaking Upâ€
Episode 193: “Songs of Innocence and Experienceâ€
Episode 194: “The Return of the Journeyâ€
Episode 195: “The Gift Outrightâ€
Episode 196: “Life is Fineâ€
Episode 197: “Au Revoir Go-Bustersâ€
Episode 198: “Two Years Laterâ€
Episode 199: “The Jungle Bookâ€
Episode 200: “Labor of Love, Part 1â€
Episode 201: “Labor of Love, Part 2â€
Episode 202: “Medinacon 2013: Zap Him Again!â€
Episode 203: “Late News is No Newsâ€
Episode 204: “Ranger By Any Other Nameâ€
Episode 205: “Romy and Micheleâ€
Episode 206: “The Sakura Songâ€
Episode 207: “Et Tu Lexington?â€
Episode 208: “Cardy Hardyâ€
Episode 209: “Dawson's Creek Trapper Keeper 9000â€
Episode 210: “Dairanger Exists!â€
Episode 211: "Return of the Rocket Man"

Latest Episode:
Episode 212: "Danservice"

Oh, and as a fun addition, you can watch our "Henshin Heroes" panel from Otakon 2012 as well as cosplay photos here~

And also, here's our DTR live episode from Power Morphicon 2012, HERE

* - As title indicates, it's a text interview. No audio. Why it's labeled as an episode is because we love to inflate our episode numbers! (Don't tell Dan I said that.)
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The end justiΦ's the means
Aug 8, 2009
First Post Updated:

Join us for a fun discussion on this year's Samurai cast panel at SDCC, as well as other random topics for your enjoyment. Episode 165 is live~!
The end justiΦ's the means
Aug 8, 2009
Join our host Dan (Dai Ranger) and Dante (TheNewGuy) as they discuss the subject of the possible roles of the Power Force, the news that broke out during this year's Morphicon, and other fun topics. Episode 166 is live~
The end justiΦ's the means
Aug 8, 2009
Whelp, sorry for the delay! Join me and our host Dan as we discuss the entirety of Sun Vulcan and what we did and didn't like about it. Episode 167 is live~

And after that, you can join Shamus (Rider Jetfire), Jason (JadanSheridan) and our host Dan as they review the Power Rangers megaset that Shout Factory released! Episode 168 is live~

Finally, you can once again join me and Dan as we're joined by Tober (GreenNinja) in our Fourze wrap-up discussion as we finish off the season. Episode 169 is live~

And as a special bonus, you can also watch our DTR live episode from Power Morphicon 2012, featuring a great majority of the cast from DTR talking about the convention.~
The end justiΦ's the means
Aug 8, 2009
To go along with our DTR live episode from Power Morphicon 2012, here's our recap episode where our host Dan talks with fellow cast members Nick (TZMHero), Shamus (Rider Jetfire), Gemma (MagiBlue2), Jason (JadanSheridan), Alek (Frat Ranger) and Tober (Green Ninja) about their Morphicon experiences~ Oh, and Dante (TheNewGuy) is there too. Because he's awesome. Episode 170 is live~
The end justiΦ's the means
Aug 8, 2009
Ha... hahaha... I assure you, this isn't a delusion. I'm just crap at updating this thread. Episodes 175-210 are up, with the latest episode filled with delusions greater than ever before as Dan and I, accompanied by our good friend Tober (GreenNinja) journey into Akibaranger, S2! Episode 210 is live~
The end justiΦ's the means
Aug 8, 2009
Hey look: an ontime update!

Join our host Dan, along with Dante (TheNewGuy) and Tober (Green Ninja) as they blast off once more into space with Gentarou and friends while discussing the Fourze movie "Everybuddy, It's Space Time!". Episode 211 is live~.
The end justiΦ's the means
Aug 8, 2009
Fire up your delusions folks! Join our host Dan, Nick (tzmhero), Dante (TheNewGuy), Tober (GreenNinja) and I as we TENSHIN DAAAAAAAAA into episodes 2 and 3 of Akibaranger! Episode 212 is live.~