Dairugger toy checklist?

Edmond Dantes

New Member
Hey, I'm thinking of getting a Dairugger, and it seems like the cheapest way to do it is to grab each vehicle individually. But I've had no luck finding a checklist or even just a straight list of all the vehicles. Has anyone ever seen one? (and yes I specifically want a Dairugger that can separate into fifteen vehicles, just to see it blow my niece and nephews' minds)

Also is there anything in particular I should keep in mind about collecting Dairugger? Like any variants I should be aware of, model numbers to look out for (I see the number GB-73 a lot. What does that mean?) and accessories I should look out for (I know the helicopters are sometimes missing their rotors and that Dairugger has a sword)?

Also I'm thinking of getting some Sentai mecha, particularly Ohranger Robo because I love the way he looks. Same questions apply to him: anything I should look out for/beware of/keep in mind?