Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 36: "The Prince of Halloween"

Toku Prime

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We heard fanboys like to see the yellow rangers dressed in maid outfits, so here you go!

This week: Costumes, candy, samba in Sentai (stop it if you can!), Misao fainting at the idea of Tusk being taken away from him (does that turn this love triangle into a love square?), and the quest for the perfect prince(ss).

Reminder: The next episode doesn't air until the 13th.
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Dr Kain

Sela's costume was easily the highlight of the episode, but I loved everything that dealt with the monster doing the Carnival dance. Hilarious. On the other hand, whoa, that girl does know Tusk is like 10 years older than her, right? "I need an adult."

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