Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 31: "When The Mega-Beast Stands"

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This week: The cure seems worse than the poison, Masao and Sela have a heart-to-heart, a whale waterfall, the G.I.F.T. that keeps on giving, Yamato uses the mecha's props, and Genis gets hold of a pirate copy.


- Figures so, Naria planted a transmitter.

- The new G.I.F.T. design looks great. Why it needs a controller though

- Oh hey, it's rare to see a mecha having arrows sticking on it.

- The suit actor for Zyuoh Whale is doing a really good job with that spear, considering how heavy it looks like. The suit actor for Dodekaioh is doing an even better job considering his bulky suit.

- Dodekaioh's weapon is a spear, yet its finisher is a shooting finisher xD

- Memory Device? Sounds like something that will play a part later on. What happened to the transmitter, by the way :p

- It's always nice seeing the small Cube Animals playing around, especially with Cube Whale being like that :laugh:

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