Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 30: "The Legendary Mega-Beast"

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Just leave him there Sela. It's for the best.

This week: Cube Whale isn't lured in by Yamato's new toy, Masao catches a shark, Quval's ambitions are hinted at, Zyuoh Wild Special appears and cube bear once again mega evolves to cube panda, and cube whale is not happy.


- Are they really trying to call a whale in the middle of the city lol

- The TV crew lying around like that looks hilarious for some reason xD

- lol Sela flopping like a fish

- Quval seems to be really strong, for a guy who usually use his mind more than his muscle, he was able to easily survive fighting Bangrey. His weapon is also quite durable too for such a fragile-looking weapon.

- Zyuoh Wild Special came out of nowhere. How did they knew such combination is possible?

- Oh hey, at least Zyuoh Whale's Zyuoh Final no longer destroy the moon xD

- Nice, they finally use the second verse again for the ED. Why are they not doing the dancing fans showcase again though? They taught people how to do the second verse dance......then again, looking at Youtube, most people only dance to the first verse. I guess there weren't enough people for the second verse xD

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