Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 25: "The Unhappy Camera"

Toku Prime

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Nothing proves Zyuohger are truely a modern Sentai quite like their habit of filming giant monster attacks on their phones.

This week: Bunglay jumps ship, the Zyuohgers practise their mime skills with some invisible walls, Misao and Leo are united in hatred, the MotW spurts "water" when impaled on his own weapon, and did you spot the cameo from six past Sentai actors?


- I wonder what happened to the other ghosts that Bunglay revived? And do they have a time limit?

- I like how easily adapting Genis is. Misao resist his control? Doesn't matter. Bunglay left? Adapt that as part of the game.

- lol'd at how Misao ignored Leo

- Quval vs Bunglay looks good, but if even Yamato's sword doesn't destroy Bunglay, I doubt Quval's thin rapier can xD

- oh look, it's that park again. At this point might as well rename that place as Tokusatsu Shooting Park with how often that park shows up.

- Love it when the fight utilize something besides their weapon for once.

- Leo and Misao is a weird combination indeed xD
.......that rope coming out of a crocodile's mouth is still weirder though :sweat:

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