Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 22: "Awakening? Or a Mistake?"

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Someone just give them the instruction sheet already.

This week: Kyoryuger-style viewer submissions of the ED dance are back!

In less important news, Japan apparently has an extremely lax anti-terror response when things start exploding, someone needs to explain what an "illusion" actually is to this MotW, Misao discovers his emerging Zyuman power, Amu realises she can motivate him by awakening his baser instincts, and it's new toy day!


- I never get why whoever doing the scenes often show the characters leaving their shopping goods just like that. Are they trying to say wasting money is fine?

- Huh, Genis looks even more bored than usual.

- I find it funny that when the car is about to fall on top of them, Yamato grabbed Tusk BY HIS FACE :laugh:

- Who the hell designed Illuzion's flying form :sweat:

- .....they totally found the bomb by random chance.

- Honestly Amu is the most manipulative 5th ranger we have in years.

- When Misao called them for the finisher, why are they running around instead of just jumping there, I'm sure they have the strength to do so xD

- Oh hey, Misao's "my/our level is too high for you" phrase returned.

- This might be a minor thing to some people, but......
Why are they still calling it Animal Kingdom Combination anyway? That was good for Wild Zyuoh King, but for Wild Tousai King it should have been called something else that sounds stronger or better. Like "Super Animal Kingdom Combination" for example. And then when the final mecha shows up, it can be a "Complete/Perfect Animal Kingdom Combination".
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