Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 19: "Who To Believe In"

Toku Prime

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Surprise! These things don't have door locks!

This week: Lots of shots of the new guy's sixpack, air-juggling monsters, bears evolve into pandas(?), and a lot of Eagle vs The World duelling.


- Did they really have to make him shirtless? :sweat:

- lol that fight, he made the Moebas the pins as well, and then there's one that didn't, and jumps away out of screen :laugh:
And then at the end, one fell on his head xD

- Amu has a legitimate question - why did it suddenly changes into a shiny panda now? :sweat:

- Wonder where the MOTW went to in his large size.

- The way the coins bursts out of his body reminds me to OOO again.