Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 15: "The Terrifying Sniper"

Toku Prime

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Are you sure this is what the humans mean by a "tuxedo cat"?

This week: Laundry is serious business, Uncle Mario has a pretty brutal way of modifying his toys, Tusk has a crisis of confidence, violence against the elderly, and the Zyuohgers come in like a wrecking ball.

Dr Kain

This episode was probably the best of the batch I watched last night (12-15), but it still had a lot fo meh moments in it. The fact that his bullets turned people into dolls really diminished his threat level for me. Whatever happened to just using good old fashioned bullets? I was expecting him to do things similar to that of the first Hell's Gate monster in Timeranger, who went on a mass shooting spree and actually hurt and killed people. Nevertheless, it is a shame because he had a great design and seemed very promising as a character.

Other than that, it was all standard fair with a boring mech battle. Also, it seems like Sela is getting the short end of the stick here because we had two Leo episodes, a Tusk episode, and an Amu episode in those four.


- Huh, I just now noticed this monster is partially based on a gun.

- Sela in doll form wanting a bath looks cute somehow xD

- For a sniper, he missed Leo & Tusk a lot.

- You know what, their victorious plan happened due to pure luck. What if there wasn't any mannequin in that warehouse? :sweat:

- The mecha fight in this episode is less boring that in previous episode, but would've been so much better if they didn't form Wild Zyuoh King just for the finisher.

- Dat ending :laugh:
Even better that it seems Yamato and others completely forgot they left the civilian's dolls there :laugh:

Honestly, looking at the next episode preview, I would be really impressed if they still find a way to hide everything from Mario.

Also, the way Mario announcing the team catchphrase right in front of Naria's face is just so badass.